Roundstone Mobile Vet Service Delivering Pet Health at Your Doorstep

Roundstone Mobile Vet Service provides compassionate home veterinary services in Kitchener Waterloo Region, Cambridge, Hamilton, Burlington, Milton, Oakville and GTA. We provide quality pet health services for a range of cat and dog health problems. From wellness exams to dispense medication, we can handle them all. Our mobile animal hospital offers wide range of pet vet services. Contact us for booking home veterinary services NOW.


Pet Wellness Exam

Our qualified and experienced vets will undertake complete physical examination of your pet. This is vital to keep a tab on the functionality of your pet’s body parts and organs.




Proper vaccinations are vital to protect your pets from contagious virus and fatal diseases. We ensure that your pet receives the right vaccine at the right time and age to prevent future health issues.



Pet Euthanasia

Our veterinarians provide home euthanasia services who are too old or suffering from fatal and painful disease. We ensure to provide calm and comfortable environment for both the pets and pet owners.


Preventive Action is Crucial

Why wait for your pet to experience heights of pain? Take preventive action as soon as you notice something strange. Annual health checkup is recommended to ensure any health problem can be detected in time. Opt for our general pet health examination that identifies potential health hazards. Call us for detailed cat and dog wellness exam today.

Answer to Your Pet’s Health Call – Contact Our Mobile Veterinarians

Agreed that you can’t understand your dog’s language! But that does not mean you can ignore their health call. Don’t let communication gap cause suffering to your pet. As a responsible owner, you must pay full attention to any potential signs of your pet’s deteriorating health. They love you unconditionally and it is essential that you pay them back with loving care.
Avail Roundstone mobile vet services at your home to treat cat and dog diseases in a comfortable setting. We maintain an up-to-date mobile veterinarian vehicle well-stocked with vet equipment and medicines. Our pet dispense medication is renowned for at-home pet medication refills. We can also create health/diet chart and suggest specialty diets.

Call us NOW to schedule pet home visit appointment today.

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