5 Possible Reasons Why Your Dog Is Not Eating Like Before

January 30th, 2018 | Food Items To Avoid | Comments Off on 5 Possible Reasons Why Your Dog Is Not Eating Like Before

5 Possible Reasons Why Your Dog Is Not Eating Like Before

5 Possible Reasons Why Your Dog Is Not Eating Like BeforeFor the pet owners, it might be very distressing when their loving pets won’t eat properly. Behind this, there are numerous reasons which indicate the loss of appetite in dogs. Being a pet owner, one needs to early determine the cause and design a successful treatment plan. It’s essential to judge your dog’s appetite and if you analyze some changes in dog’s eating habits, then you must seek veterinary care to make them eat well.

Below are the few common reasons behind the change in dog’s eating habits:

  • SicknessThe foremost sign your pup won’t eat is might be some kind of illness, especially if carry other symptoms at the same time. Although, it is not a serious health issue, it’s better to concern with the veterinarian earlier. A prompt veterinary action can easily inspect the cause of significant illness like cancer, liver pain, kidney failure and more.
  • Behavioral ChangeMost of the time, dogs usually behave aggressively and refuse to eat due to their behavioral change. The reason behind this is the decreased appetite which usually caused due to some illness. It’s essential to investigate the dog’s behavior and the possibilities of such change with the help of a vet.
  • Dental Problem Another reason your dog won’t eating is some dental issue in the mouth causing pain. With the help of a veterinary doctor, you must check for the broken and loose teeth on time unless it becomes an oral tumor.
  • Improper VaccinationVaccination is the treatment which is usually meant to handle numerous dog issues. Although vaccines are used to save the lives of pets, it’s misuse can deliver adverse effects.
  • Stomach PainA stomach pain in pets usually caused due to unhealthy eating which also cause gastrointestinal issues in them. Due to the upset stomach, a pet usually experiences issues like diarrhea or frequent pain. It’s better to meet with a vet or avoid giving them food until they feel better.

After the vet treatment, it will take some time for the dog to accept the same food. You make sure to switch them slowly to eat again. If you are looking for certified veterinary medical services, you can choose our professionals at Mobile Veterinary Service.

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