5 Possible Reasons For Weight Loss in Dogs

March 3rd, 2017 | Mobile Vet Service | Comments Off on 5 Possible Reasons For Weight Loss in Dogs

5 Possible Reasons For Weight Loss in Dogs

5 Possible Reasons For Weight Loss in Dogs

Dogs are often moody, when it comes to eating food. They usually feel happy and eat up speedily when their food bowl is filled with the dish they like most. Since you are feeding your pet from the day he came home, you might be known to his eating and drinking habits. If your four legged family member suddenly starts eating too much or is eating below his daily requirement, there is something wrong going up in his body. Notice his behavior for a week or so, if he is inactive, lazy, eating less and losing weight, take him to a veterinary hospital in Brampton to know about the underlying cause.

Some potential causes behind sudden weight loss in dogs are:

  • Diabetes: Diabetes is an insulin deficiency disease that provokes the inability of body to absorb sugar from blood. Alike humans, dogs can easily fall victim to this ill health condition. Though it may result in increased appetite, the body weight of a pet will reduce drastically. The reason behind getting infected with diabetes is genetic or weight disorders.
  • Thyroid: Just like humans, pets do face the problem of hormonal imbalance. This often results in thyroid disease. If your dog is highly overweight or underweight, the underlying cause may be thyroid or hormonal imbalance. Take him to an experienced veteran for physical examination. The issues related to thyroid can be treated easily, once detected at an early stage.
  • Anxiety: Though majority of dogs are brave and confident, there are some of the breeds that may feel nervous in some situations. If your pet remains worried, tense and quiet for most of the time, chances are that this anxiety may lead in sudden loss of weight. If they aren’t feeling comfortable at a new place, they will not prefer eating food.
  • Liver Disease: The liver performs the essential function of breaking down fats and sugar for producing energy. It is also responsible for developing body metabolism. If a dog is suffering from liver disease, he’ll not be able to receive proper nutrients and fats. This will result in significant weight loss and laziness.
  • Parasites: Most possibly, every dog have had experienced tapeworm or parasitical infections one or other time in their life. These worms live in the intestine and feed on the food which a pet eats. Since the parasites will consume the food, a dog will remain deprived of essential nutrients and minerals that are essential for body growth. This will ultimately lead to reduced body weight and weak immunity.

Other than the factors mentioned above, age and dental problems may also compel your pet to eat less. Whenever you notice any physical or psychological change in the behavior of your dog, never ignore it. Call local mobile veterans in Brampton to get your pet treated and examined at your place.

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