Dispense Pet Medication at home in Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge

Roundstone Mobile Vet Services provides pet medication dispensing services in Cambridge. Sick pets require constant medical attention and medication. It is not possible to personally collect pet medicines all the time. Enter ‘Roundstone Mobile Vet Services’. We dispense pet medication right at your doorstep. Your pet can receive instant medical help in case of post-recovery phase.

Dispense Medication

Dispense Medication Services

A veterinarian, by the virtue of his job has to understand a patient’s pain without interaction. They are definitely not your average doctor. He has to dispense medication only after carefully studying patient and test reports. Thus dispensing medication becomes crucial during surgical recovery.

Legal Regulations

We follow all the Cambridge province legal regulations pertaining to pet dispense medication. Our veterinarian checks the full health profile of the pet before prescribing medicine. Absolute safety of pet is of paramount concern before prescription. There are certain protocols to follow before prescribing medication to pets.

  • Pet in question is the veterinarian’s patient as established by the veterinarian-client-patient relationship.
  • Detailed health examination is conducted before prescription.
  • Specific medical condition has been established after examination guidelines in the pet medical journal.
  • Owner knows the medical condition and has agreed for medication.
  • The same veterinarian provides the follow-up during recovery stage.

Roundstone Mobile Vet Services’ has been providing the healing touch to hundreds of pets at the comfort of their homes. We serve the residents of Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge, Hamilton, Burlington, Milton, Oakville and GTA.  The owners can request us pet medicines prescribe earlier through phone.

Roundstone Mobile Vet Services believes that regular health checkups are important. Sometimes, health problems can be identified earlier through these checkups. This allows our vets to dispense medication well in advance. Owners can take preventive steps before the disease actually strikes your pet.

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