Five Important Things You Can Do To Extend Your Pet’s Life

November 7th, 2016 | Important Things You Can Do To Extend Your Pet’s Life | Comments Off on Five Important Things You Can Do To Extend Your Pet’s Life

Five Important Things You Can Do To Extend Your Pet’s Life

Five Important Things You Can Do To Extend Your Pet’s Life

Your pet is only who gives you unconditional love, care and joy. And as a pet lover, you want to give your furry friend a happy and healthy life and want to keep him with you as long as possible. Having a lovely pooch at home is a wonderful experience for everyone. But the death of him can give anxiety to any pet owner.

Unfortunately, pets cannot talk and they are not able to express their health issues by talking in front of you. So, you have to take care of their overall health. Here are some effective tips discussed by professional veterinaries to keep your furry friend healthy and happy for years to come.

    1. A healthy diet
      Just like as humans, pets also need a healthy and balanced diet. Give him an appropriate diet according to his or her stage of life. You may know or not, but senior and younger pets have different food requirements. You can consult with your vet and get a diet chart from him.
    2. Get lots of exercise
      A healthy diet is crucial for your pooch, but along with it, he needs a lot exercise on a regular basis. It will help to keep his or her heart healthy and also help to prevent several diseases. Take your dog out daily for a walk and play with him in the park. Consult with a vet if you are unsure about pet exercise.
    3. Protect him from parasites
      You want your dog or cat to be healthy and happy. There are two types of parasites, internal and external and these can threaten pet health and comfort in many ways. These parasites may not only affect pet’s quality of life, but also can cause various diseases. Due to this reason, it is highly important to protect him against parasites such as hookworms, tapeworms, roundworms, heartworms, fleas, and ticks.
    4. Proper dental care
      Poor dental care service can lead to several gum diseases. Mouth of your pet is a great place for bacteria development. Once they released into bloodstream, potentially damaged his kidney, heart and other organs. Brushing his teeth on a regular basis to keep your dog healthy. Use doggy toothpaste and a toothbrush to clean his teeth.

Here you have it. By following all given tips, you can give your furry friend a healthy and happy life. This is a great way to increase your pet’s life expectancy. If you have any question or query regarding your pet’s health, feel free to contact us and discuss it with our vets at Roundstone Mobile Veterinary Services in Toronto.

  1. Attention and companionship
    A dog is a very loyal and loving animal. Therefore require attention and companionship to keep him happy. If you leave him lonely, he can become depressed or stressed out. If you don’t have enough time to spend with him, adopt another dog to give him a company.

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