Food Items To Avoid Feeding Your Dog

October 21st, 2016 | Food Items To Avoid | Comments Off on Food Items To Avoid Feeding Your Dog

Food Items To Avoid Feeding Your Dog

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As a pet owner, the most important thing to know with pet care that what you can feed and cannot feed your dog. Every pet owner loves to give their dog treats. But do you know some food items of human are dangerous for your furry friend. Often dogs like human food items and many pet owners love to serve everything what they have in lunch and dinner.

There is no doubt that you love your dog just like your kid and want to pamper and feed him or her. Feeding wrong items can affect the digestive system of your dog. Our Toronto veterinary hospital has provided a list of food items that should never feed your dog.

  1. Xylitol
    Chewing gum, candy, and sweets are some items that contain xylitol. It is an artificial sweetener that can be harmful for your dog. You may know or not, but it could cause liver failure. According to experts, the early symptoms including loss of coordination, lethargy and vomiting.
  2. Ice cream
    Ice cream is a favorite of everyone. No doubt your kids like ice cream to eat after having a meal. Your pooch may also like it to eat. But don’t give it to him or her. If you have a dog in your house, you need to know that sugar is not good for your furry friend’s health. An excessive use of sugar can cause of diabetes in dogs.
  3. Raw eggs
    Eggs contain biotin and it is crucial for the growth of your dog’s hair. But if you give raw eggs to your pooch on a daily basis, it can cause to several skin and hair problems. If you really want to add eggs in your pet’s meal, make sure you add a fully cooked egg. Because it is safe and a great source of protein.
  4. Alcohol
    Alcohol is as dangerous for dogs as for humans. Most of the pet owners serve alcohol to their dogs. Especially when they have a party at their home. They like to serve beer, wine and other drink to their furry friend in front of their friends and relatives. An excessive use of beer and wine can damage the liver and brain of your dog.
  5. Caffeine and chocolate
    Chocolate and caffeine are toxic to dogs. Even chocolate milk also bad for the health of your furry friend. Dark chocolate is more dangerous because it contains the highest level of the offending substance, theobromine. It can cause heart diseases and even death.

This is a list of a few food items. There are a lot of others that must be avoided. It is good that you love your dog and want to feel him special, but you need to keep him or her away from these food items. If you have any question, ask from our vets at Roundstone Mobile Vet Services in Toronto.

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