Is Your Dog Nervous? Here’s What You Need To Do

April 26th, 2016 | Mobile Vet Service | Comments Off on Is Your Dog Nervous? Here’s What You Need To Do

Is Your Dog Nervous? Here’s What You Need To Do

Is Your Dog Nervous? Here's What You Need To Do

Does your canine friends get nervous soon? Is he prone to anxiety? Just like us, pets also have their own personalities. Some stay calm, while others are more anxious about their surroundings. If you want to help your furry friend overcome his fears, you will need to identify the things that trigger fear. Our vets have discussed a few effective tips helping you timid your dog are as follows:


You have a very strong bond with your dog. And it is only you who can calm him down when he is anxious or frightened. Cuddling up with your dog and stroking his fur gently can provide him a sense of comfort and safety. Remember one thing, that some dogs don’t recognize hug as a sign of tenderness, rather they consider it dominance. And this can make them even more uncomfortable. In such situation, you can go to a vet for behavioral advice.


Exercise is really important for the overall health and well-being of your dog. Make sure to take your pet out for a walk or indulge him into some physical activities by organizing play sessions. This will not only burn extra fat from his body, but will also keep him calm.


By providing your canine friend with a plenty of toys, you are helping him channelize the pent-up energy. Keep your friend occupied with a lot of playthings. This will also reduce his stress and keep him happy and healthy.

Safe Zone

Dogs feel safe in small and enclosed areas. If your dog is crate-trained, leave the door open if possible so that he can enter and exit his cozy spot at will. Make sure you don’t present this as a punishment, as this could make your buddy more uncomfortable and nervous. You can put treats and toys in the crate so that your dog can see it as a nice and secure place.

Treats Over Punishment

It is always good to provide your pal with treats and rewards, rather than punishment. Punishment can make your dog feel anxious or angry. You can bring desired changes in your pet with small treats and love. You don’t have to be harsh with him to teach him about good or bad. Focus on the positive!

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