4 Lesser Known Things About Pet Weight

May 27th, 2019 | Mobile Vet Service | Comments Off on 4 Lesser Known Things About Pet Weight

4 Lesser Known Things About Pet Weight

Pet WeightMaintaining a healthy weight of your furry friend is essential because pet obesity is related to the health problems that affect the lifespan of your dog while losing weight can also be dangerous for your pet health.

The weight of your pets is something that is often neglected and misunderstood. So, here are some facts about pet weight that can crack your misunderstanding.

  • Spying/ Neutering Causes Pet Weight Gain
    It is true that your pets can gain weight after getting spying and neutering treatment because their metabolism decreases after sexual alteration, and they actively go down. If you don’t pay attention to their adjustments to nutrition and exercise after surgery can make them gain weight.
  • What If Cats Lose Weight Too Quickly
    If your cat begins to reduce the pounds of weight quickly, they begin to mobilize fat for energy. Unfortunately, the cat’s liver is not equipped to do this. It gets overloaded instantly and results in a severe condition Hepatic Lipidosis. If your pet is on a diet, it should lose about 1-2% each week.
  • Calories In & Calorie Out
    Yes, it is true that weight is all about calories in and calories out. Some pets have trouble in maintaining a weight even after taking part in regular exercises. Remember, several pet weight issues can be sorted out by the caloric needs.
  • What If Pets Gain Weight In Winter
    It is common to hear that your pet gains weight in the winter. But, with the right diet plan, you can maintain a healthy weight. Apart from exercise, decreasing calorie intake is a creative way to keep your pet active.

So, whether your pet loses or gains the weight, try to keep it maintained by performing the right exercises or diet plan. In case your pets suddenly lose or gain weight, it will be better to consult with a veterinarian at Mobile Veterinary Services. For more information, call us today.

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