Microchip Application Services in Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge

Pet microchip application saves your pet from getting lost. Losing a beloved pet is one of the worst experiences in owner’s life. The fact that your pet will never be able to tell home address further makes matters worse. The helplessness is shared by millions of pet owners across North America. The statistics reveal thousands of pets are lost every year. No wonder micro-chipping your pet is the right solution.

Microchip Application

No More ‘Pet Lost’ Posters

Earlier, all you could do to find your pet was to put up ‘Pet Lost’ pictures in your neighborhood with the help of some children. You could also knock on every door in the area. Or you can contact the local pet recovery services. Well, we are here to tell you that you don’t have to put up posters on poles anymore. Pet tracking microchips make all these methods redundant. Identification of pets though GPS tracking and microchips is easy and quick.

Micro-chipping Your Pet

Most breeders and pet shelters today prefer micro-chipping. Veterinarians can microchip your pet at any stage in life. The microchip can be inserted near shoulder blades using a needle. This is minimal invasive procedure that is painless. Your pet won’t even know it’s micro-chipped for tracking.

The chip is the size of rice grain. When implemented, the chip has to be registered with local authorities. The microchip has an in-built receiver to pick up low-frequency radio wave which is reverted back to a scanner for image location data. The scanner accurately pinpoints your pet’s location. We install a microchip compatible with most scanners and local authorities.

Advantages of Pet Microchipping

  • Minimal Invasive Procedure with least pain
  • 25 years life span
  • Chips compatible with living tissue
  • Microchips aid instant pet identification

Mobile Pet Microchipping Services

We provide pet microchipping services at your home. Call us for non-invasive pet microchip administration. Our experienced vet will book an appointment and complete the procedure at your home. You will also be given a demo of the tracking hardware and steps to follow in case your pet is lost.

Contact us TODAY for pet microchip application services in GTA.

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