Minor & Major Surgical Procedure in Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge

Roundstone Mobile Vet Service provides various at-home veterinary surgeries for your pets. A host of major and minor pet surgeries can be performed at our referral hospital. Our equipment and team of veterinarians are there to help your pet in most of the care.

Minor And Major Surgical

On-the-Move Veterinary Services

When you call us, your pet’s medical surgeries are in the hands of a reliable veterinarian. Veterinarian with compassion for animals treats your pet in sterile environment. We have the right equipment and skills to provide quality pet health care services to local GTA residents.

Our Major & Minor Pet Surgeries

    • Splenectomys
    • General Pet spaying and neuter
    • Foreign body removal
  • Dental extractions and replacements
  • Bladder stones

Some of these surgeries require hospital environment and professional equipment. So, we have links with animal hospitals in GTA to quickly refer your pet. Some such surgeries include spinal surgery, pressure ulcer, knee cap dislocation, fractures, Laryngeal paralysis, belly surgery and more.

Our animal surgeon has performed many vet surgeries with precision. We have undertaken many complex surgeries in myriad environments. But most of all, we perform the surgery with compassion for animals.

Our pet surgery procedure begins with complete in-depth pet examination. After analyzing reports, we also simultaneously undertake general health analysis including diet, health chart and exercise regimen. Specialized tests can also be undertaken to determine any specific health concern. Anesthesia is administered only after detailed blood analysis.

Our veterinary technicians oversee pet vitals during the surgery. Factors like temperature, oxygenation, blood pressure and heart rate are all monitored. We monitor the pet even after the surgery is complete. Appropriate medication is continued during the recovery stage. The diet and exercise for recovery stage is planned accordingly.

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