Don’t Ever Believe These Myths Regarding Spay/Neuter Surgery

June 17th, 2016 | Mobile Vet Service | Comments Off on Don’t Ever Believe These Myths Regarding Spay/Neuter Surgery

Don’t Ever Believe These Myths Regarding Spay/Neuter Surgery

Don’t Ever Believe These Myths Regarding Spay/Neuter Surgery

Getting your pet spay/neutered is a very good idea. Not only is this beneficial for the health of your pet but the society too. There are a lot of animals such as dogs, cats etc. who have no shelter as they don’t have any owner to take care of them.

Also, these animals create a lot of nuisance in the streets with the worst being biting someone down the road. Population of the pets should remain under control and the best way to do this is by getting them spay or neutered.

However, many owners get afraid by the name of surgery itself. This is because of a lot of misconceptions about the same. So, let’s get these myths out of your head to give you an insight into the reality.

Spay/Neuter Myths & Facts

Myth-Pets become fat post-surgery.
Fact- This is not true at all as weight has nothing to do with the surgery. The only way your pet can become fat is by eating more and exercising less.

Myth- My male dog will lose its male characteristics.
Fact-Your male dog doesn’t have male characteristics because of a single body part. They are naturally very manly and will not lose any of their characteristics post the surgery.

Myth- My dog will not protect me anymore.
Fact- Having your dog spay/neutered will not have any effect on its natural instinct to protect you and your home. Sex harmonies have hardly anything to do with such qualities.

Myth- Spay and neuter surgeries are very expensive.
Fact- This is not true at all. Yes, there are charges for getting your pet spay or neutered. However, if you look at the health and other benefits your pet is going to get post-surgery, it will be prove to be a good deal! Moreover, there are various government centers where you can get your pet spay or neutered free of cost.

Myth-It is ok to have one litter before going for the surgery.
Fact- No, it’s not ok as each and every litter counts! You are not the only one who will do like this. This one litter will add to the population and itself lead to reproduce at some stage. You can even get your pet sterilized at a young age of eight weeks too!

Myth-My pet will become sad and depressed.
Fact-This is not true as their emotions have nothing to do with their sexual hormones. They don’t behave like humans in terms of parenting. Moreover, after some time they leave their puppies themselves only. So, there is nothing about getting sad or depressed.

Any More Doubts?
If you are still having any doubts regarding the surgery or facing any health issue related to your pet, fell free to talk to Mobile Vet Service professionals in Toronto. We will not only clear all your doubts but guide you to take care of your pet in the best possible manner.

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