Parasites A Big Danger – Every Pet Owner Needs To Know

November 29th, 2017 | Parasite Control | Comments Off on Parasites A Big Danger – Every Pet Owner Needs To Know

Parasites A Big Danger – Every Pet Owner Needs To Know

Parasites A Big Danger - Every Pet Owner Needs To KnowA threat of parasites and worms bring a big changeover in every pet’s life. When pets have outdoor access, these small species are responsible for causing health issues from upset stomach to life-threatening conditions. Common types of parasites like hookworms, roundworms and tapeworms easily get reside inside the pets and cause further problems. If your pet is experiencing symptoms like rapid weight loss, vomiting, severe coughing, then it’s recommended to take him to a professional veterinarian as soon as possible.
Below are the common parasites that affect your pets very badly:

1. Tapeworms

Parasites like tapeworms usually come from fleas and also puts pets in big danger. This kind of species usually attack those pets who have an access to outdoors. An infestation of tapeworms is tended to be aggressive and any delay can turn into death. The only way is to visit the veterinarian immediately.

2. Roundworms

The roundworm attack is usually found in close quarters and affect puppies badly. When roundworm enters the dog’s body, easily grow up to 5 inches more in the intestine. Further, these parasites start to absorb nutrients from the body and its severe infestation can also cause a blockage.

3. Whipworms

These are the small pieces of threads which tend to occupy the pet’s intestine. Its entrance can cause extreme weight loss in puppies which is some kind of big problem for the pet owners.

4. Hookworms

This is another common parasite found in puppies and kittens. Hookworms are good in bloodsucking and used to secure themselves inside the small intestines. An advanced hookworm infestation can cause extreme blood loss which further gives rise to diseases like anemia.

5. Heartworms

This parasitic worm usually infects puppies and cats living in homes. Although every parasite is harmful to the pets, heartworm infestation is the serious one. One must consult the veterinarian timely to check for the infestation.

In order to keep your puppies worm-free, it’s ideal to hire professional veterinary services on time. For effective diagnosis of your pet’s issues, you can hire our professional veterinarians at Mobile Veterinary Service.

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