Possible Reasons That Causes Stress in Dogs

May 31st, 2017 | Mobile Vet Service | Comments Off on Possible Reasons That Causes Stress in Dogs

Possible Reasons That Causes Stress in Dogs

Possible Reasons That Causes Stress in Dogs

Dogs are one of the coolest and happiest animals on the earth. They are generally adopted by humans because of their friendly nature. If you are having a dog at home, then you might be aware of their benefits. Dogs can deter away the boredom and sadness of his owner with his cute little face. Though they are believed to reduce stress, there are some uncommon situations when a pet feels stressed himself. Being a responsible pet owner, its your responsibility to identify his changed behavior and reason behind it to overcome any sort of stress.

Signs that show that your dog is stressed are:

  • Gastrointestinal Pain: Gastrointestinal or stomach pain is often experienced by dogs, since they are fond of licking floors and other items that might have bacteria and microbes on them. This generally results in intestinal infections and food poisoning. If your pet is suffering with vomits or gastric pain, take him to a vet for physical examination and treatment.
  • Decrease in Appetite: Dogs are among those animals that love to eat, no matter they are already full or not. They eat almost everythinh that is given to them. But if your companion suddenly starts eating less, then he may be going through stress or an underlying illness. Give him some time to recognize the symptoms he is exhibiting. If its only stress, spend more and more time with your dog to take him out of this condition.
  • Over sleeping: Since dogs are very active and playful, a lazy dog exhibits a symptom for stress. If your dog was very active a day before, but is not at all getting out from his bed today, then the chances are that he might be stressed. An over sleeping symptom in pets is related to stress and indigestion troubles.
  • Over aggressive: In sever cases, your loving dog may become aggressive and starts barking at you. Though this a natural phenomenon in pets, a sudden behavioral change is associated with boredom and stress. Maybe he might have received some injury and is angry at you that you because didn’t notice it. Whatsoever be the reason, it’s your responsibility to find the reason behind stress and over aggression.

These are some reasons why pet is stressed. If you notice some behavioral and eating changes in your dog, don’t ignore them as they may point out for an underlying illness. Take your pet to a reputed mobile veteran at Roundstone Mobile Veterinary Services.

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