Some Useful Tips to Care for Your Senior Pets

April 26th, 2016 | Mobile Vet Service | Comments Off on Some Useful Tips to Care for Your Senior Pets

Some Useful Tips to Care for Your Senior Pets

Some Useful Tips to Care for Your Senior Pets

Your pet is just like your child whom you love and adore all the day. Having a pet gives you a very warm feeling of having someone close to you who is loyal and loves you too.

You must have remembered the first day, when you got your pet home. That was a time when your pet didn’t require too much care from your side but just fun and love.

With the passing of time, as your pet ages, he/she requires more care as they develop illness over the time while entering into the golden years of their life.

6 Helpful tips for senior pet care:-

1. Diet changes

Just like humans, pets are subject to a lot of changes in their bodies, especially the digestive system. The digestive system of your senior pet tends to slow down over the period of time.
You should decrease the quantity of food and give a nutritional diet instead or consult a vet if not sure what to serve.

2. Exercise

As your pet grows older, he/she tends to become slow. Now, your pet might not be able to run or roam around like it used to do. Even the long walks might prove to be a tough task for your pet.
This can really affect his health as some kind of exercise is important for physical and mental health.

3. Make things easy

You should look after your pet’s comfort more from now on. The body temperature of your pet also tends to change over the time.
Make sure to place more blankets during night and see if it requires anything else. Also, try to keep the food close to the eye level.

4. Grooming

Your pet will not care for himself as he/she ages but demand more from you instead. The coats can get matted and can lead to skin irritation in your senior pet.
Keep all the hidden spots clean so that it feels comfortable. Also, take proper care of the ears, teeth and other things.

5. Regular check-ups

No one can guide you to care for your pet better than a veterinarian. Make sure to take your dog to the clinic for regular check-ups.
This will help in inspecting any health issues at the earliest and offer the solutions. This way your senior pet will live a much healthier and longer life.

6. Healthy weights

It is very important that your pet is on the lower side of the weights in the golden years of his/her life. Having some extra pounds can prove to be very risky for your dog’s health.
This can put more stress on the joints and other organs. Also, it can lead to various health diseases due to weight gain.

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