Pet Wellness Examination Services in Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge

Wellness exams for pets are important for them just like regular medical check-ups are for us. These exams allow you and your veterinarian to keep a tab on your pet’s general physical and mental health. This helps us to become aware of any health issues that your pet might suffer in future which could transform into serious illnesses. Since, it is impossible for your pet to vocalize its feelings regarding its health; thus you must take full responsibility regarding it by taking up regular wellness exams for your pet.

Pet Wellness Exam

How Often Should You Go For This Exam?

Rarely do people know, but every year either for a dog or a cat is approximately equivalent to a human’s five to seven years. So, just by the digits you can make out that your pet needs a wellness exam almost every year and this should become more often when it enters its senior years.

What to Expect From a Wellness Examination?

Firstly, the vet will ask for a complete history regarding your pet’s health. Thus if you have come across any unusual behaviour, then don’t forget to mention it. It could be anything like:

  • Coughing
  • Vomiting
  • Eating more than usual
  • Weight gain or weight loss
  • Panting
  • Diarrhoea

Other than this, your veterinarian may also want to know about the daily behaviour of your pet. Questions about its diet, water drinking capacity and its exercise regime can come up so you should be prepared for them. Also, depending on your locale and your pet’s age and lifestyle etc. the vet may also question you about your pet’s exposure to heartworms, fleas, ticks, and intestinal parasites.

The Exam

Before commencing the examination, in most cases, the vet or an assistant will take certain basic statistics of your pet like its temperature, respiration rate, pulse, and also body weight. This data is taken to compare with the data of your pet’s next or last exam. By analyzing any differences in the data, the vet will make out whether your pet has become fit or unhealthy.

After extracting these stats from your pet, the vet will then examine the following body parts of your pet:

    • Ears:

Your vet could ask you whether your pet shakes its head or scratches its ears too much. Also, whether you have noticed any unusual odour from your pet’s ears or not. If yes, then your pet’s ears could possibly be a home for parasites or other foreign objects.

    • Eyes:

Eye examinations reveals a lot about many health problems, like anaemia, glaucoma, cataracts, infections, high blood pressure, jaundice and eye injuries etc. Careful observation of the inner as well as outer structure of eyes is done during the examination.

    • Mouth:

Inspection of your pet’s teeth, gums, tongue and palate (roof of the mouth) is done to catch any dental abnormalities like loose teeth, tumors and infections etc. Moreover, your vet will talk about how important regular cleaning of teeth is for your pet.

    • Heart and Lungs:

With the help of a stethoscope, the vet will listen to your pet’s heart and lungs to watch for any early symptoms of heart or respiratory disease.

    • Reproductive Organs:

In case your pet has not undergone a surgery for spaying/neutering, then your vet might advise you to go for it because of its benefits. Your vet will also examine the pet’s reproductive system for any kind of swellings or discharges.

    • Skin:

This is the largest organ and therefore it is necessary for it to be in good health. The vet will examine your pet’s skin or hair for any kind of parasites and foreign objects as well as for signs of infections and allergies etc.

The results of this wellness examination are quite crucial for your pet’s health. In case the vet detects any abnormality, then they will direct you accordingly as what measures you can adopt to rectify it. You on the other hand must act swiftly and follow the instructions that your vet gives regarding your pet’s diet and physical routine. If you undertake proper measures along with a routine wellness exam for your pet, then you can be rest assured that your pet will live a long life!

We, at Roundstone Mobile Veterinary Services, have an experienced vet to take care of your pet. So, next time when you observe anything shady about your pet’s health, just give us a call and we’ll be at your place.

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